A world full of freedom and fulfilment

Where people from across the globe collaborate to build awesome products the right way! That's what we set out to build at Indiez. Nothing less!

There will be two worlds - before Indiez and after Indiez.


Story of how we started

On his solo backpacking trip to Vietnam, Nitesh, one of the founders met digital nomads from across the world. He was absolutely amazed to hear their experiences. "Why can't everyone work like this?" This thought intrigued him. Nitesh, along with Ishan (CEO of Indiez), researched this concept deeply- which soon led them to realise the immense power of #futureofwork.

The word "Indiez" is derived from the word `indie` (think indie artists) and symbolises 'independence'.

Meet the team

Collectively, we’ve built products that are used by 100 million+ people worldwide and have changed countless lives.


The founders are graduates from IIT Bombay. They've known each other for more than a decade now and have been involved in multiple successful start-ups since graduation.

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Ishan Shrivastava

Founder and CEO

Recruited and managed his first software engineer during his IIT Bombay undergrad days. Followed by a short stint at P&G, he jumped onto the Housing.com rocket ship and led multiple product and recruitment initiatives. At Indiez, he focuses on sales apart from general management.

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Nitesh Agrawal

Founder and Director

Has been doing startups since he was 20 year old. He led IREF, trip advisor for real-estate and was a core team member at Housing.com, a SoftBank funded company. He was also the first employee at Olacabs (India’s Uber, Valued $8bn+)

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Archit Kejriwal

Co-founder, Fulfilment and Community

Held leadership roles at ITC, Housing.com and Upgrad. Immensely interested in how people react to products- he is currently working on awesome fulfilment of all projects at Indiez as well as building the world's best product and software community.

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Amrose Birani

Co-founder and CTO

Worked with top startups like Snaplogic in the valley. He built and sold a stealth BI tool to a top 5 US Telco leading a team of freelancers across 4 continents. He also implemented the PaaS platform from scratch at American Express and also led the DevOps team there.

Supported by a team of community members

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Ukraine based visual Designer with 9+ years of experience, working primarily with web technologies, mobile applications and motion design. Has developed more than 50 web and mobile projects.

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Product Manager and Product Consultant with 7+ years experience in the software industry. Has managed web projects and mobile projects (iOS, Android) using Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Lean).

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Full-Stack engineer turned into a Pro Front-End engineer with work experience in several startups like Gharpay and Clinknow that have now been acquired. At Indiez, he works on automating Front-End Development tasks to improve project delivery speed.

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Independent Product Manager who has completed 10+ projects with Indiez varying from startups to established enterprises. Earlier, he led teams in multiple startups (Housing.com, Rivigo, Oyorooms) across various verticals and helped them in building key products.

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Content marketer with over five years of experience with various early-stage startups. Published writings on magazines such as AOL, Thought Catalog, Matador Network apart from being one of the top writers on Medium. Helps Indiez with content, social media and branding.

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A product manager with 13 years of experience working with startups and enterprises. His passion for Agile and Scrum often exceed his passion for rocking out with his heavy metal band Bevar Sea.

and many more...

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Our mentor and investor

Haresh Chawla

Haresh is one of the most successful entrepreneurs from the first generation internet revolution. He has built series of companies like MoneyControl, FirstPost which have reached over 100 million users. He was also the CEO of Network18 (acquired by Viacom), the company which runs MTV and CNBC. He is presently a partner at TrueNorth, India's most successful PE firm.

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